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Air filter
Dust in the inhaled air is blocked in the air filter to avoid too quick wear of the compressor and block of the air/oil separator. The air filter element should be replaced every 1000 hour or 1 year and more frequently in dusty area. Stop the compressor before doing maintenance. It’s better to replace a new or clean one to decrease the downtime.

Steps to clean the air filter element
Knock two sides of the air filter element on a flat surface to beat down most heavy and dry dust.
b.Blow the filter element from the opposite direction of air-intake by dry air below 0.28Mpa. Then the spray nozzle should be with a distance of at least 25mm from the folded paper and blow from up side down.
c.If any oil on the filter, wash it in warm water with no-foam detergent . Dip it into warm water for at least 15 minutes, and then wash by clean water. Do not heat the filter. Do not use it any more after washing 5 times.
d.Put a light inside the filter element to check if anywhere thin, with holes or damaged. Don’t use it if any.

Pressure regulator
The unloading pressure could be adjusted by the bolt on the pressure regulator. Increase the unloading pressure by a clockwise rotation of the bolt and decrease the unloading pressure by a counterclockwise rotation of the bolt.

Keep outer surface of the pipe absolutely clean. Or it will reduce the cooling effect. Clean pipe regularly according to the working conditions.

Air tank and air/oil separator
Manufacturing and acceptance of the air tank and air/oil separator should be in accordance with the pressure vessel standard. It can not be modified. Otherwise the consequence would be very serious.

Safety valve
The safety valve on the air tank and separator should be checked once every year at least.
The safety valve should be adjusted by a professional person. The lever should be pulled loose at least once every three months to open and close the safety valve. Otherwise it will affect the normal work of the valve.