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Product name:Tank
Product description:
Product introduction

Tank takes important role in mining, petroleum, chemical, pharmacy, textile, construction, boiler industry. Tank can slow down compressed air and make it smooth. At the mean while, it can collect water from cool air and exhaust out of the system. It like a storage to ensure air supply during rush hours. It can eliminate and weaken the periodic pulsation of air ccompressor which store compressed air, maintain steady pressure, and supply air into the pipe in a short time, and cool down compressed air, exhaust some water and dirt.

Simple pressure vessel structure is simple with less danger.
Small volume: less than 1000L
Low pressure: designed max pressure less than 1.6Mpa.
Safe media: air, nitrogen or steam from medical distilled water
Suitable temperature: -20℃-150℃.
Small volume(below 1000L)and low pressure(less than 1.0Mpa) make it safer.
Made by steel strip and steel sheet, easy to coordinate if deformed. Stress concentration is not obvious. Low stress level, high  weldability and toughness, thus less damage to brittle failure.

Simple pressure vessel should use within period of year. If you still use it after expiry date, please check with related inspection institution according to standard of pressure vessel inspection.
Pressure vessels are widely used in petrochemical, electric, automotive, generation, mining, pharmacy industry with sales network all over the world. It has been approved byISO9001 Quality System and CE certificate

Our tank is covered by China Ping’an Insurance.
Tank volume less than 1m3, pressure below 1.0Mpa is free of inspection within the period of time.