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HDS Refrigerated air dryer
Product name:HDS Refrigerated air dryer
Product description:
Product introduction

1,Low dew point: The pressure dew point can be below 5℃ in standard working conditions and the dew point in the air outlet can reach 15℃ or lower.
2,Highly efficient pre-cooling regenerator: reduce the load of evaporator by increasing outlet temp by 10-15℃ and decreasing inlet temp by 8-12℃
3,Colliding whirlwind air-water separator: air and water can be completely separated at dew point.
4,Good heat bypass valve: balance pressure automatically, reduce the load of the ccompressor, decrease the power loss, ensure performances of the air dryer even under low temperature.
5,Sensitive pressure protection switch: avoid damage to dryer compressor if any fault.
6,Protective welding: Ensure the inner wall of the copper tube welding point not be oxidized, thus to make a clean refrigerated system and reduce the possibility of ice & dirty block.
7,Name brand components: Panasonic, Cope-land, Tecumseh, Maneurop compressor, Danfoss expansion valve, Saginomiya solenoid valve.
8,15%~20% enlarged condenser: 15-20% bigger condenser ensures the refrigerant being completely liquefied in serious environment.
9,Compact system design to make a smaller size and lighter weight
10,Strict QC: test completely before leaving factory to ensure 100% good products.


Dryer ModelHDS-7.5HDS-10HDS-15HDS-20HDS-30HDS-50HDS-75HDS-100HDS-150HDS-200
Flow rate Nm/min1.
Conditions LimitA. 80 B. inlet temperature of the ambient temperature 45 ℃ C. air pressure 10kg / c㎡ (overpressure receive special customized)
Pressure dew point2-5℃(Atmospheric pressure dew point think it was 20 ℃)
Refrigerant compressor motor1/4HP1/3HP1/2HP3/4HP1HP1-1/2HP2-1/2HP3HP4HP5HP
Power supplyAC 1¢ 220V 50/60HZAC 3¢ 380V 50/60HZ
Air vent pipe diameter3/4"1"1"1~1/2"1~1/2"2"2~1/2"2~1/2"3"4"
Approximate weight(kg)354250608090100115120280